Campaign Planning

Essential reading:

  • Midwest Academy Strategy Chart (Source: Midwest Academy / Modified by We Own It)
    Description: A 2 page handout from the Midwest Academy that outlines a campaign planning chart with columns for: goals; organizational considerations (access to resources & more); constituents, allies & opponents; targets (decision-makers); and tactics.

  • Campaign Plan Template (Source: New Organizing Institute)
    Description: A 5-page outline for planning a campaign that walks you through creating a leadership team to your goals, theory of change, timeline and more. The Leadership, Organizing, and Action Guide linked below provides more in-depth information about these topics.

Suggested reading:

  • Just Energy Policies and Practices Action Toolkit (Source: NAACP)
    Description: An extensive 329-page toolkit around Just Energy organizing with 8 modules including: Module 1: Getting Organized to Module 6: Starting a community energy efficiency, retrofitting and weatherization project. See link for outline of modules, a webinar that provides an overview, and additional resources.

Supplementary reading:

  • Rural Electric Cooperative Election Toolkit (RECET) Overview (Source: RECET)
    Description: An overview of the RECET project which is providing campaign support for REC board member election campaigns through intense campaign planning and providing additional resources. This short document outlines the Phases of support. Contact to access the resources and support.

  • Power Analysis Trainer Training (Source: Northeast Action)
    Description: An 11 page guide from Northeast Action on how to do a Power Analysis (or Power Map) includes a grid for creating a power map.

  • Leadership, Organizing, and Action Workshop Guide (Source: Leading Change Network / We Own It)
    Description: 117 page guide for organizing including building teams, coaching, using narrative (Story of Self, Us & Now), and developing strategy. The section on Strategy from pages 72-92 may be most applicable for campaign planning, but the entire guide is a useful resource. A shorter outline of this resource is in the Campaign Plan Template file in this resource.

  • The Art of Campaign Planning (Source: RE-AMP / Midwest Climate Network)
    Description: An in-depth 85 page guide to campaign planning.