How to Use the Tool Kit

Access the New Economy Coalition Rural Electric Cooperative Toolkit Here or by clicking on the yellow Toolkit box in the upper right.

The Toolkit is arranged into 4 major sections, which each include multiple categories:

  • Electric Co-ops & Why They Matter: including introductory resources around electric cooperatives, energy democracy and the new economy. As well as some tools for mapping & planning and popular education resources to get people excited!

  • Member-Owner Engagement: including understanding a co-op’s bylaws, finance, elections & annual meetings.

  • Opportunities for More Benefits: including clean energy, inclusive financing for energy efficiency, broadband, and influence on state and federal policy.

  • Organizing: including campaign planning, campus resources, and case studies.

Click on a category (eg “Cooperatives, Energy Democracy & the New Economy, Clean Energy, Case Studies) to view those resources. Each resource listing includes a linked title, a note of the authoring organization/source, and an overview. The resources in each section are also organized into 2 categories: Essential Reading and Suggested Reading. Access the toolkit here.

We have tried to review and update the information, but we need your help to continue to keep the toolkit updated.  Please let us know at liz [at] if you have resources to add and/or if you find broken links or other problems--thank you!